Human hair or synthetic wigs which is best?

Human hair or synthetic wigs which is best?

The popularity of wigs encourages more people to pay attention to wigs. In order to meet the steadily increasing market demand, the variety of wig goods is also expanding, the choice of wigs, but also from the pursuit of external performance to the material materials and other internal considerations. Real hair and synthetic wigs, the two materials used in the manufacture of wigs, are frequently compared. The cost of using real hair as a material is prohibitively expensive, causing many people to lose interest. They gained hope with the introduction of chemical fiber yarn.

Human hair or synthetic wigs

The main material of synthetic wigs is chemical fiber yarn; the cost of manufacturing wigs is lower than that of human hair wigs, which are used in festivals, cosplay shows, and other occasions that do not require repeated use. Synthetic wigs will not be used for long-term daily use due to the rough manufacturing materials. Because of the complexity of the real hair production process and the high cost of production, it is more expensive than synthetic wigs, but the quality will be superior.

Real hair is made through mechanical weaving, hand weaving, and other stitching and splicing processes, and is divided into three types based on the type of material: braided hair, smooth hair, and messy hair.

Braided hair is straight, well-groomed, and expensive because it is so difficult to obtain and of such high quality. The quality of smooth and messy hair is not as good as braided hair, but it is less expensive. Short hair makes up 70% to 80% of the hair collected in barbershops and other places. The main factors that led to its selection were its messy hair with special treatment, bright color, and soft feel.

Wearing real hair is comfortable but pricey. If the number of uses is not as great as with real hair used on a long-term basis, you can try the relatively affordable synthetic wigs.

There are three different kinds of chemical fiber silk wigs: flame retardant, protein, and high-temperature yarn. Each type is appropriate for various usage contexts.

The low-temperature wire is the best material for making inexpensive wigs because it can be set between 80 and 85 degrees Celsius, is resistant to low temperatures, and has excellent setting properties. Africa uses more wig products because the high-temperature wire doesn't change below 180°C. High-end wigs are created using protein filaments that are similar to human hair and have a real-hair-like feel. Not only flame resistance at high temperatures, but also automatic flame retardant after burning.

Human hair and chemical fiber hair are the raw materials for making wigs.

How can two materials be separated?

  1. Gloss. chemical fiber silk hair's intense sheen and its ability to reflect light.
  1. Chemical fiber hair cannot be single-shaped styled.
  2. Comfortability. Handmade, breathable, and beautiful, human hair is made of a thin layer of yarn material.
  1. Weight. The chemical fiber hair is heavier than identical real hair in weight.

Since real hair and chemically produced hair have different qualities, we can select the ideal product based on our requirements. With the help of this article, I hope you can find the ideal wig for you. Real hair and chemical fiber hair have different characteristics, we can choose the right product according to our needs.

With the help of this article, I hope you can find the ideal wig for you.

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