What you didn't know about front lace wigs?

What you didn't know about front lace wigs?

The heat of summer can cause a lot of problems for our hair, a stuffy environment breeds bacteria, obviously, a wig that is not suitable for summer will bring more trouble, of course, for the protection of our bodies. A front lace wig is definitely your go-to for summer.

What is a front lace wig?

Front lace wig, a wig woven by hand on a transparent silk base. Generally, it takes 7--15 days to make hand hooks by professional technicians. It retains the lace on the forehead to ensure that the user can cut the shape that best matches their hairline.

The biggest difference between it and other wigs is the breathability. For example, it can perfectly fit the skin while maintaining the skin's breathing needs without allowing the hair to grow unclean bacteria.

Why choose a front lace wig?

Front lace wigs actually have a lot of advantages, so let's take a look!

  1. The material is chosen to be the most relevant to the real hair, striving for a high degree of touch and texture to restore the real. Closed or forehead hair, while ensuring that it fits the skin, it leaves room for choice.
  2. The lace color is in most cases the same as the skin tone of the scalp, blends easily with the scalp, highly restored to the most realistic user experience, carrying the natural style to the end.
  3. Are you still worried about the wigs flying around in sports? Then don't miss this front lace wig. It fits tightly, allowing you to have fun in comfortable conditions without worrying about other problems.

How to wear the front lace wig?

Having a beautiful hairstyle is sure to make you stand out in your daily life. How to wear the front lace wig?

Step 1: Arrange your hair and wear a mesh cap

Please tie your hair, you can use the small black clips to fix it. Wrap the hair in a hairnet, making sure the edges of the net fit the hairline.

Step 2, trim the lace

Cut well along the edge of the hair, along the edge of the wig, a little bit slowly cut over.

Step 3, adhesive glue / double-sided tape

Before wearing a wig, you need to use double-sided adhesive or glue bonding wig, if you use double-sided tape, half stick on the net cap, the other half stick on the forehead; If it's glue, spread it evenly on the hairnet, wait until the glue is completely dry before wearing the wig.

Step 4. Wear a wig

Before wearing a wig, you can adjust the size first with the adjustment strap to fit the head, wear it lightly, and find the location of the hairline. tear off the double-sided tape. Once the wig is glued, fasten the windproof clips on both sides.

Step 5. Arrange the wig

Prepare a comb and a hair dryer, use the comb to organize the hairstyle, adjust the temperature of the hair dryer to 120°C, and blow the wig lightly. This video will show you how to wash a wig.

What you need to know about front lace wigs

  1. Before applying the glue, please be sure to perform the glue sensitivity test three days in advance. You can apply a little behind the ears and wait for three days. If there is no other reaction, you can wear a wig.
  2. Glue/double-sided tape does not have to be smeared. If it is only used for shooting art films, or it does not require much action, it can be simply worn for easy removal.
  3. When taking out the wig, you can shake it slightly, the curly hair can be properly rubbed, and the straight hair can be combed from the end of the hair with a wide-tooth comb.
  4. After removing the wig, you can place the wig in clean water for 5-10 minutes. Do not expose it to the sun after taking it out of the water. You can use a dryer or hair dryer to dry it. The recommended drying temperature is 120°C.

Wrap up

If you've ever read The Gift of the Maggie, you'll be amazed by the twist at the end, and with a proper lace front wig just like that, an unexpected surprise will never let you down.

The front lace wig is the gospel of summer. For its use and how to maintain it, this article wants to communicate with you. If you want to have a more perfect experience, please support our products and give us more feedback.

With the help of this article, I hope you can find the ideal wig for you.

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