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Ginger Wig

Ginger wigs are one of the favorite wig colors for girls in the past two years. Blurred colors are eye-catching

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Yebue's Philanthropy: Worldwide, a child dies from cancer every three minutes. In every moment, there is a child who is suffering from the disease. Yebue is doing everything we can to assist these "little angels." We may not be doing the most, but we will continue to do our best! We donate 20% of each order's profits to Wigs For Kids. Because Yebue has limited capacity, we are appealing to all of our caring customers to make a contribution to these lovely kids. Yebue would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to those customers who are willing to assist!

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The hair is of good quality, very comfortable to wear, breathable and hardly sheds

Olivia H.

Orlando, Florida


Really love the glueless lace wig, the lace is barely visible, it's amazing!!!

caitlin vernon

Los Angeles, CA


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Miami, FL


I have to admit, this is the most satisfying wig I've ever bought. Not only is the price cheap, but the quality is much better than any wig I've ever bought. Really worth recommending!


Atlanta, Georgia


Would you believe me if I said I just cut the lace and combed my hair? No blemishes were found on this hair. Get this wig for double the price or more of yebue at other stores! What a surprise, I love the wooden comb it comes with, it's easy to carry and the comb is cute!


Denver, Colorado


Hair is nice, soft and silky! ! ! Holds up well during the shampoo and conditioning phases. Did not fall off! ! ! The lace fits my skin perfectly, exactly what I expected, and it's very breathable. I highly recommend this wig to any wig wearer, you won't regret spending a little!


San Francisco, California


Beautiful piece, no shedding, full but not heavy and the cap fit my head perfectly, love the reinforcement clips in the wig, it allows you to wear it glueless.

Shako N.

Houston, Texas