Safety And Quality

Yebue strives to achieve the highest standards in beauty, fashion, service and safety. We use proven ingredients in hair processing with the highest specifications and instruments on the market, so that every hair product we offer makes you feel like Yebue Hair is an extension of you. Coupled with the designer's professional vision and aesthetic, well-designed styles and exquisite workmanship, Yebue hair has become the crown of modern women from old to old.

Our team of designers works with experts to screen each ingredient to make sure it's good for the hair and safe for the human body, with safety in mind for the environment. Working with third-party independent experts, we conduct monthly professional inspections or spot checks to confirm the quality of our ingredients. Our vigilance never ends: we scrutinize every step of the hair treatment throughout the production process.

We meet or exceed the safety guidelines of leading independent and regulatory agencies to ensure our raw materials, packaging components and finished products are safe to use.

We are professional in making wigs! Yebue is a partner you can always trust!