Wig sets

Wig sets

The inner wig net and hair make up the wig. Human hair and synthetic wigs are the two categories into which hair is divided. There are many different types of wig inner net hair net classification; this article uses the method that is most frequently used. These include machine-woven wigs, front lace wigs, MONO wigs, and full lace wigs.

What is the net inside the wig?

The wig's interior net features a hand-woven hair net and a scalp design. The goal of the simulated scalp design is to create the most lifelike scalp surface possible. The hand-woven hairnet ensures that the wig is permeable and increases wig comfort. The way the net is designed inside makes each wig unique. Lace is used in full lace wigs, which guarantees a realistic appearance and increases comfort. In the region near the hairline of the front lace wig, the lace material is used; however, common materials are still used in other areas. One of the differences between wigs is the difference in the net inside the wig.

The wig's type of net

Lace serves as the primary component of both full-lace wigs and front lace wigs. Lace has the benefit of being very breathable. The most comfortable wig inner net material out of all of them is lace, but it also costs more than other wigs inner net materials. The hair net of high-end wigs will be made of lace material, which can be well hidden on your skin and seamlessly blend in with it. The hair net material used for the wig is ideal because it is close to the skin, cool, and breathable.

MONO wigs: Distributed throughout the head is a dense mesh made of a material that is harder than lace. Wearing will become more popular as it becomes more realistic.

Machine-woven wigs: mechanical weaving and assembly-line production make up a large portion of the wig industry. The experience falls short of hand-knitted in quality.

Wrap up

Different wigs have different qualities, each with its own benefits and drawbacks. You can make a decision based on your intended use, preferred method, and other relevant practical considerations.

With the help of this article, I hope you can find the ideal wig for you.

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